As a social enterprise, SmartICE is committed to positive change and social innovation in the communities we serve. Our data-driven insights into local ice conditions directly inform safer ice travel, which in turn supports food security and community health and well-being.

NPC BUOY training.jpg

Similarly, SmartICE also provides culturally contextualized training programs that are meaningful and effective in supporting Inuit to thrive and prosper. For instance, at our Northern Production Centre in Nain (Nunatsiavut), we combine technical training and core social emotional learning to train Inuit youth in building our instrumentation. In the past 6 months, SmartICE has provided the community with over 3600 employment hours.

The up-skilling support provided through SmartICE increases employability. Inuit who are trained to operate our on-ice technology acquire technical skills that are broadly transferable to environmental monitoring and ocean surveillance, for example. Hiring Inuit operators is also critical to ensuring that community members have confidence in SmartICE data, knowing it was produced with a combination of Inuit knowledge, local observations, and made-in-Nunangat technology.


In summary, SmartICE harnesses the vast potential of young Inuit women and men to embrace science, technology and traditional knowledge as a vehicle for sustainable employment, economic development and well-being in their communities.