Pilot Locations



We are currently operating three pilots to further test and develop our systems:




SmartICE first developed and prototyped its stationary (SmartBUOY) and mobile (SmartQAMUTIK) sensors around Nain in partnership with the Nain Research Centre and Nunatsiavut Government. The pilot project remains active and will serve as the proving ground for the sensor models that emerges from our Production Pilot.

St John's.png

St. John's

In partnership with Choices for Youth and C-CORE, we are developing a stationary (SmartBUOY) sensor production and quality control process that is suitable for training and employing youth in northern communities.

Pond Inlet.png

Pond Inlet

The site of its second system demonstration, Pond Inlet serves as the operational and training centre for SmartICE in Nunavut. Our local partner, Ikaarvik, mobilizes and inspires youth to be part of SmartICE in communities.


Together, these three pilots are helping cement the technology and processes needed to expand social enterprise work in northern communities, while positioning SmartICE to aggressively expand into commercial markets, and ensure long-term sustainability. From landfast ice forecasting, to mitigating risks for tourism industries, supporting local fisheries, and far beyond, SmartICE has much to offer in the face of a changing climate and our pilot projects are the stepping stones to make that possible.